Need help with my writing homework on Humanistic Psychology, Positive Psychology and the Cognitive Movement. Write a 1000 word paper answering; These aspects were perceived to concentrate more on the negative emotions, while studying human behaviors and attitude. The pessimistic aspect of these concepts of psychology, which did not create a room for human choice in the analysis of human behavior, called for another aspect of psychology that would cater for such. This gave birth to humanistic psychology (Maslow, 1968). This branch of psychology emphasizes on the human potential, and their way to achieving self-actualization. The fundamental of this concept of psychology is that people are innately good, thus, any problem that is either of a social or mental character results from the deviation of humans from this natural course of goodness (Leahey, 1992). However, this branch of psychology did not seek to compete with the previous schools of psychology such as Behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Rather, it sought to enhance the study of humanity in a more optimistic perspective. Thus, human individuality, creativity, and achievements form the basis of this concept of psychology (Sternberg, 2003).