Need an research paper on witchcraft in africa. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. Witchcraft is deeply rooted in African societies. In particular, it has characterized Central Africa (Mair 200). As documented, mystical power, magic, witchcraft and sorcery exist in Africa (Mbiti 189). That is why even if in its modern time, the belief in occult forces has been remarkably strengthened. According to a study, social stress or strain linked to modernization led to the increasing practice of witchcraft (Kohnert 1347). This has a significant connection as to why even after colonialization, Africans still believed in witchcraft.Colonialism introduced in Africa was said to increase the fear linked to witchcraft and sorcery (Winzeler 177). However, after the colonial rule and influence, many Africans still adhered to their belief in witchcraft (Flint 22). In Kenyan culture, in particular, witchcraft was spotted alive in Africa. This culture is primitive times believed that witchcraft can be capable of helping them fight their wars, in obtaining independence, to cure diseases, or even finding a partner for life (BBC News. Rath). However, Kenyan culture also believed in the power of magic charms that could be the most effective way to keep in touch in witchcraft activity at the optimum level and advantage (Rath). On the other hand, the Sub-Saharan African culture persistently believes in witches, witchcraft and even the actual art in bewitching others (Lightfoot 204). In other words, this culture has the prevailing thought about witchcraft as something useful or destructive just as the Kenyan culture believes about. In central African culture, witchcraft was also remarkably observed. In particular, the Zande of the Congo and some other central African people believed in witchcraft. As some anthropologists believe that this is something like an evil-working capacity.