Need an research paper on plant biosecurity. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. At the same time, climate change may influence the previous benign pests to develop and cause dangerous impacts on plants. Measures to cab these risks cannot be completely successful without the cooperation of the exporter, biosecurity authority, and the importer together with controlling general factors that stress plants.The need to control these threats to plant biosecurity has facilitated the formation of agreements such as Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement (SPS) by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) countries. The main purpose of SPS in biosecurity is to assess risks using scientific evidence and analysis. In assessing the risk, parties involved will be able to reduce the spread of pests across different regions. These measures sometimes include quarantine where crops from an area remain not allowed to leave the area. Threats to plant biosecurity affect both agriculture and the economy at all levels. Internationally accepted principles in pests management require a ‘no risk’ policy that not possible to attain (MacDiarmid, Rodoni, Melcher, Ochoa-Corona & Roossinck, 2013). The threat to plant biosecurity remains a challenge even after agreements indicating the need for more actions mainly to reduce risks involved.Biosecurity involves the prevention, response and recovery from threats caused by pathogens and pests in plants and animals (Hinchliffe, Allen, Lavau, Bingham & Carter, 2013). Further categorization lead to plant biosecurity dealing with plants and animal biosecurity dealing with animals. Various governments such as that of Australian maintain high effort in prevention, response and recovery from diseases and pests that may threaten their economy. Dealing with these threats involves governments at all levels together with non-government agencies (Nelson, Roffey, McNevin, Lennard, and Gahan, 2014). The new encounters with dangerous pathogens such as the Nipah virus make governments invest more in prevention.