Need an research paper on farming and integrated local delivery. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism. The structure involves the use of a management group as well as the utilization of the partnership to promote effective implementation of the project. The establishment of a management group enhances the implementation of the program through the effective allocation of the roles.The design of the project aims at reclamation of the agricultural land destroyed by the floods and construction of water collection dams to minimize the effects of flooding in the future. The purpose of the project has efficient fulfillment with Integrated Local Delivery and appropriate allocation of the funds.Up to date, there has been widespread recognition of the dramatic changes in agriculture all across the countryside of the UK. There is some additional evidence for the past 70 years. However, currently, the land management initiative modeling is in the top-down approach. There is a drive-by large company and assemblage all over the UK. The large companies tend to cite the national legislation, the policy obligations, as well as international directives and conventions about the rural settings. The local communities of the UK including the farmers may feel nevertheless the protective initiatives of the natural assets within their vicinity. This makes sense to the local farmers of Cirencester. However, due to the periodic flooding of this countryside village, the farmers have since developed the knowledge and commitment for the future survival of their area (Soon, 2013, p.1604).However, the range of the national companies, the strategies as well as the policies usually end up conflicting with each other in this flood-prone zone. This is particularly very true due to the complex sites as well as the issues that contain the wide range of legal obligations to agricultural sustainability, as well as other social and economic activities on this land. In such an area of the UK countryside, there is a bigger need for the greater connectivity of all the national policies.