Need an research paper on arched and vaulted forms in architecture. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is an artistic expression of a conceptualized thought. Nevertheless, different from the typical and customary artwork and concepts, the architecture combines the beauty of art and science by integrating the principles embodied in the mathematical and physical sciences in order to establish a more accurate, stable and long-standing structure.Construction of structures turns out to be logical and therefore architectural as soon as it is well-organized, timesaving, economical and ecologically accountable that emerges instantaneously. In cases where it is the plainest and arguably the most modernized structural design, finding out about the solution for the task placed for it, and at the same time imaginable in its time of life and its chronological significance, construction will achieve the characteristic of flawless suitability and becomes the representation of the mechanical facts and information of a certain cultural assembly. Likewise, it becomes well-thought when the structure is completed to lay emphasis on its minimalism and to demonstrate its method of support with the intention of understanding both of them straight away.The science and art of construction and building of large scale structures, however, merely turned out to be a rudimentary feature in architectural theory in the course of the Roman Era, all through the time of Christ’s birth. Nothing like the current trends in architecture wherein most architectural artworks are based on the concepts of the physical sciences with the idea for structural efficiency, the architecture during the past eras where mostly symbolical, decorative and representative in nature. “Before then architecture had been almost exclusively symbolic in form and decoration. The symbols that were materialized in the Egyptian pyramid, Sumerian ziggurat, Hindu stupa, and Japanese pagoda were the most powerful expression.