I will pay for the following article Whity by Rainer Werner. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The film begins in the midst of one of the key actors by the name Gunther Kaufmann who appears to lie on the ground holding something reddish in hands. At first sight, one may think he is dead. A song plays in the background, and from its words, the actor claims to require only five bullets to use to finish a family. A woman black in color follows chopping off the head of a fish. White is the main character in the movie. He belongs to the illegal family of Nicholson. All the family members are, in one way or the other, crazy people who wear face makeup, which is grey in color (Itchload 29). Ron Randel, the father, is an extremely cruel one and convinces his wife that he may die so soon. His aim is to make her assume she is inheriting his husband’s property, which is not the case. Each family member requests Whity to take the life of the other members, but finally, he comes out with a solution. From the introductory part of the movie, the creative character of the writer clearly demonstrates itself.From the story, the films subvert genre-typical notions of race and femininity in different ways. From the family of Nicholson, his son Ben Nicholson is cruel and inaccessible by most of the other family members. His wife is a nymphomaniac woman. the eldest son is a glowing homosexual, and the worst of all is the youngest in the family who appears to be a morally decayed adolescent. To make matters worse, there is also Whity who is Nicholson’s family slave acting as the focal point of all the members of the family obsessions. This obsession carries the viewer up to the last part of the film. Fassbinder uses this shared obsession with all members of the family to develop the theme of the film (Pipolo 18).The contribution is represented by repeatedly stated episodes which dominate the plot of the story. The role played by each of the&nbsp.actors, their sexuality, and the known economical relationships also help in plot development. In addition, the effects of fate in the growing impacts of love the actors have in the movie make the viewer understand what the writer wants to put across (Mathews and Charles 5). This shows the society’s behavior in the whole context. These issues get even more complicated when the viewer realizes that Fassbinder’s lover plays Whity. To make matters even worse, Whity’s senior punishes him as the other members of the family watch. This is truly an embarrassing scene and shows how that community’s morality has deteriorated.&nbsp.