Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Reflective Diary From Four Seminars. Small-scale mining, its existence in developing countries but to become aware of the gory details of the illegal operations associated with small-scale mining was overwhelming. According to Hilson (2014), 20-40 million people are directly involved in small-scale mining and 100-150 million are dependent on it for their existence. One would assume that in the present scenario where jobs seem but a dream why should anybody be up against a sector which provides jobs to millions. Small-scale mining has its own negative points including environmental degradation and the use of mercury in such areas has led to bioaccumulation posing threat to both environment and humans alike. Besides the environmental factor, there’s also a social stigma attached to small-scale mining. Since the business is mainly operated through unskilled workers, they are the uneducated lower strata of the society that is often associated with an unhealthy social environment. Prostitution, alcoholism, drugs, AIDS are associated with people working in the industry. Besides, the work environment remains dangerous because of the absolute negligence of standard safety measures for such industry-based operations. The operations are mostly illegal, but because of high economic gains, it attracts those desperately in need for money. Even children and women are involved in mining and negligible attention is given to their safety. Because of the unhealthy conditions, the workers attract several diseases.The professor explains that employment is the main reason that despite such a hazardous situation, people continue to work in the mines. He further explains that since gold is a standard “currency” and the currency is being produced by local people, hence it adds to the foreign exchange earnings of the country. This is the reason why developing economies cannot just shun small-scale mining.I think that in the present scenario with such a high unemployment ratio.