Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Film Movements: A Political Perspective. New Hollywood&nbsp.denotes the period between the late 1960s. A new generation of filmmakers emerged on the scene, which left their mark on almost every aspect of films. The studio system of Hollywood was also greatly influenced. In these films, the director had a pivotal role to play. This generation brought in new topics and styles that distinguished them from the earlier conventions of the studios. This period can be likened to the renaissance age in Europe. Nevertheless, these films were an integral part of the studio system. The changes in the economic sphere especially the recession and movies going bust at the box office were some of the factors that led to the changes in Hollywood. Younger movie makers who could take risks were given more control than was previously done. Hence, studio control reduced gradually.Outdoor shoots became possible during this era. Similarly, editing was also a highlight in these movies. These films were known for political subjects that went against the establishment in the then US. Rock music and sexual freedom were other characteristics of New Hollywood. These aspects were deemed as ‘counter-cultural’ by the studios.The film Hannah and Her Sisters by Woody Allen have women as the protagonists. However, a woman is depicted as an element of pleasure for the male and his gaze. Laura Mulvey confirms in her article, the Hollywood norm that men were actors and women were mere spectacles in films. Feminists opine that Hollywood portrays men as those looking and women as those being looked at. Doane states that women in Hollywood were simultaneously the commodity and its consumer, in that they were encouraged to take this oppressive stance against themselves.The male gaze is simultaneously an object and is also made fun of in the movie.&nbsp.While Elliot appreciates Lee’s beauty in the beginning, later on, his desire for her is depicted in a mocking way, when he looks at her nude paintings. In spite of the fact that this is a female-oriented film, it shows the male perspective of a woman and how women are related to them.&nbsp.