Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Using Auto-Reclosers And Sectionalizers In Distribution Systems. Autoreclosers which are simply termed as reclosers are intelligent types of circuit breakers which respond automatically by closing a circuit which has been opened due to an electrical fault (Billings & Morey, 2011). The devices are installed on overhead power lines in the distribution grid where they detect and even interrupt power momentarily. They were designed following the discovery that most faults are especially brief short-circuiting which clear in a short while and it would be therefore uneconomical to deploy electrical engineers to attend and reconnect such opened lines during a fault. This provides a means of continual supply of whereby power restoration is in a brief moment after an outage. For instance, there is little sense in completely cutting out power in the event of a tree branch that incidentally culminated into short-circuiting of overhead lines. Same applies to the situation of a power outage from a power station brief fault. The branch would fall to the ground long before the engineers get to it so why delay the supply during transport to the fault spot?Reclosers, therefore, work in single phase and three phase distribution lines to restore power after a brief fault. By doing so, they address several faults by acting at partition units. Power interruptions are likely to occur in single lines from the distribution station. They, therefore, handle a relatively small power load than those of a feeder supply. Reclosers, therefore, serve each of the lines and as such, each responds independently of the others. This implies that faults cut the supply in a single line or section will be dealt with by a single recloser much more instantly than it would take for rectifying it from the feeder station.