Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on To Design Secure, Scalable and Responsive Database Security Plan and Requirements Definition Document for a Medical Records SAN. It needs to be at least 2500 words. tructure. However these corporate structures are presently under a great deal of risks. These risks include critical security and privacy attacks. In this scenario there is a dire need for the application of enhanced security and privacy solutions that ensure a scalable and responsive Medical Records SAN (Storage Area Network). In fact application of such security based solutions demands extensive security management endeavor. With the effective security management we can gain a better business competitive edge in the marketplace. This report is based on the security plan development and implementation for a Medical Records SAN (Storage Area Network). Part 1: Project Identification and Business Environment Major responsibilities for database security management For the development of an information security plan we generally require a comprehensive hierarchy of security management staff. In this scenario the corporate Chief Security Manager will be in-charge of this responsive, secure and scalable database security plan. Then we will hire an Assistant Security Manager who will perform the responsibilities of managing operative measures and complex corporate security issues. Operational and&nbsp.incident management&nbsp.procedures In case of any security violation or threat the corporate security plan will be operational. However we will also maintain the facility of constantly database back-ups. In this way we can easily manage the complex situation through various security based measures to stop or manage such security threats. Personnel and procedures for daily administration In case if we want regular security and operational management for the corporate we will have to establish and maintain a suitable safety handling and managerial arrangement. This may involve a reporting mechanism on daily basis under the supervision of Assistant Security Manager who will compile the weekly security report for Chief Security Manager. Hence the responsible authority can take the necessary action for the overall security management and handling. Part 2: Architecture and Operating System Considerations Architecture of System The corporate information security policy will govern the overall corporate security management operations. Given below is a comprehensive architecture of the new security management arrangement for SAN: Figure 1: Architecture of security policy Source: http://itil.osiatis.es/ITIL_course/it_service_management/security_management/introduction_and_objectives_security_management/introduction_and_objectives_security_management.