Compose a 1500 words assignment on texas immigration. Needs to be plagiarism free! l proceed by discussing the root causes of German immigration to Texas, the conditions of immigration, the assimilation process and their current life in Texas. It will conclude by presenting in reinforcing points that will be discussed in the body.The immigration of Germans to Texas began as early as 1930 (Rudolph). Most of the immigrants were protestants and the Jewish. The first immigration process was influenced by Friedrich Ernst who, upon settling in Texas, wrote letters to his friend Oldenburg in German informing him about the opportunities in Texas. The letters were published in German hence attracting the attention of many Germans who resolved to immigrate to Texas (Lich 59). Among those who were attracted were the noblemen who saw it as a great opportunity to colonize the German peasants in Texas. They were further inspired by the fact that Texas was an independent state where they could be able to exercise political control. The year 1940 saw an influx of immigrants to Texas due to unfavorable economic, technological, social and political climate in German. The German Emigration company also transported a lot of Germans, especially peasants to Texas.In addition, the availability of land in Texas led to more migration because it was seen as an opportunity for investment and growth (Shepherd 19). The immigrants were promised to be given land, furnishings and access to various facilities hence mass immigration. The immigration was large in that by the year 1950, Germans in Texas were more than 5% of the total Texas Population. The immigration was structured in a way that the majority of them settled around the vicinity of Ernst who lived in South Central Texas. They moved in clusters where people from the same location in German moved to similar locations in Texas. The immigrants became neighbors and were influenced by dominant personalities. Such clustered settlement further quickened the immigration.