Compose a 1000 words assignment on the problem of conformity. Needs to be plagiarism free! So non conformity with American ideas is the problem of the new generation. Individualism is an inform trait in human beings, though at times one is not able to promote it. Individualism is related with ‘independence’ and ‘self reliance’ and therefore any form of opposition is this, may make the individual frustrated or rebellious. The opposition could be stiff and it may arise from the social environment, from within the family, or from some extend agency or social group. If individuals confirm to the social practices, they are safe. If they cannot compromise on their individualistic views, they may ever be provoked to initiate rebellions, as one could see from the post war situations in 1950s. In this context, one has to understand the ethnic problems of African Americans who were never at ease with the main stream of public life in America. The “increasingly materialistic standard of living” has always been at the focal point of attention, not only in America but also all over the world. As in any part of the globe, conflicts between “conformity and individuality, tradition and innovation, stability and disruption” (American Literature Since 1945, 2008) have aroused a deep interest in the thinking community of America. and many writers, poets, philosophers, and thinkers have raised their issues time and again. Langston Hughes and Claude McKay are some of them. In the poem “Mother to Son” Langston Hughes, a black American poet reveals the problem of generation gap. The narrator is in the form of a mother who tries to re dress the grievances of her son. Though there is no direct interference from the poet, that is, he doesn’t make use of the poem to give vent to his subjective feelings, the poem reflects the frustrations of a young American who could not confirm to the social life or activities in his immediate surroundings. It is evident in the opening lines that the son had just spoken to his mother about something that is related to his frustrations. The poem is presented in the form of a “dramatic monologue”. The mother belongs to the older generation, which had no problems of non conformity and individualism. The mother belongs to the old school of thought, that is, the pre- war days of the previous century. The mother, perhaps, advises her son to the patient, as her life too was not creamy and that one should at least struggle or fights against the heavy odds. The line: “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” (Hughes, 2000). Indicates her uncomfortable life. The mother represents the older generation of African-American, whereas the son represents the neo-thinkers of the community, or probably the new generation. The mother speaks about her life in the following lines, which is typical of the older generation of African Americans who were ready to perform any number of sacrifices, even if the sacrifices meant nothing. “It’s had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up…………” (Hughes, 2000). The poet is grateful to America because he owes his existence to the country, but at the same time he intends against the cultural bankruptcy of the big nation. He is aware of his limitations in turning against America. It is obvious from his helpless remark that “Her bigness sweeps my living like a flood.