Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Beauty and the Beast of 1946. The film followed a traditional fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince De Beaumont in the year 1757. In the movie, Josette Day played Belle and Jean Marais played the beast. Through the plot setting and the storyline within the film, one gets to appreciate the theme of beauty incorporated into several levels and setting of France during the production of the movie.Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that the story plot develops around belle’s father. Belle establishes herself as the protagonists of the movie after offering to remain captive on her father’s behalf. As the story continues, belle develops fond of the beast creating a turn of events in the plot. Other characters that help develop the story include the characters like Ludovic and belle’s two materialistic sisters. Avenant who is a handsome scoundrel is an antagonist character and help develops the romantic theme of the story. The outstanding feature in the film is the theme of the movie relative to the history of France during the time of the film production.The main theme that prevails through the story is relative to beauty. The story elaborates that the only beauty that matters is inner beauty. The theme is depicted through both the antagonist’s and the protagonist’s characters. Jean Cocteau elaborates on the superficial beauty through characters like Belle’s sisters and Ludovic who are similarly the supporting characters in the story. The ‘true’ beauty in the movie is captured through the antagonist characters that are Belle and the Beast. The story postulates that true beauty is that which is within and not what is seen outwardly.The movie Beauty and Beast attested to the atrocities and the mood of war. The movie was shot in black and white. Although the reason behind the movie being shot in black and white was the financial constraint, it managed to bring out the deprivation element that was evident following the end of World War 2. The shooting of the movie was a few months after the surrender of Germany that saw the end of the war.&nbsp.