Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Aggregation of Highly Talented or Highly Intelligent People Does not Necessarily Make an Effective Team. Belonging to a team means that you are part of something larger than yourself like the mission of your organization. Even though you are designated to a specific rank and branch of the company, you are grouped together with other employees to achieve a final target that is beneficial to the whole company including you. (Jones. George, 2003) For example, if you are the chief engineer of a construction company and you are asked to head the production of a recreational facility, you cannot enforce your own decisions over others. You have to listen to what the others have to say and consider any complications or drawbacks pointed out by the designers, accountants, workers, etc. This lack of coordination can lead to a series of catastrophic events bad for both, the company and you. No matter how qualified or experienced you are, a brainstorm of ideas from a group of lesser-qualified staff is always better than a single sharp mind. This shows that the effectiveness of a team relies more on the mutual understanding and cooperation of its members rather than their individual achievements. I hereby pronounce the title statement to be true. You may bring out the best people to find and make a team, but it may still not be the maximum. The best violinists or cellists do not make the greatest orchestra. The best players do not make the greatest sports team. Similarly, in business, the best accountants or marketers do not achieve the finest results. You may have all the right ingredients but not knowing the recipe will never result in a perfect product. (Baker, 2000). An excellent example to demonstrate this is the Apollo Syndrome, a phenomenon discovered by Dr. Meredith Belbin, which states that a group of highly intelligent people often perform worse than a group of less able people.&nbsp.