Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on obamas victory speech. It is evidently clear from the discussion that Obama’s victory speech was the first speech delivered by a president who can be said to have been elected at the peak of American democracy, given that the electorate funded his campaigns instead of the traditional way where aspirants were supposed to issue handouts to the electorate. This Obama’s victory speech captures the rhetoric of the time with great accuracy and especially at a time when America was overly expectant in the political milieu. This essay is an analysis of how Obama’s victory speech employs contrast as a rhetorical device to persuade and inform his audience. The speech captures some instances, which have brought about the fulfillment of the American dream that had been elusive for many years. These include the illustrations of the recaptured democracy, the end of political bureaucracy and the end of discrimination. In doing this, in the victory speech, Obama employs triple contrast as a rhetorical device to construct building blocks of his language. The Victory Speech starts by evoking the long-awaited American dream encapsulated in Martin Luther King Junior’s speech “I have a Dream”, and it is clear that he is addressing three groups of people. He states that whoever doubts the power of American democracy, they should find answers in the event of his inauguration. This was to mean that he himself, having been elected as president of America, has marked the ultimate end to autocracy and the attainment of full democracy. The first of the three groups he identifies as his audience is illustrated when he says. “…people who waited three hours and four hours”. These are the images of voters and are the first group he identifies by use of a series of imageries.