You will prepare and submit a term paper on Top 10 Natural Disasters of the Year. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Natural disasters especially floods have been the source of disrupting the lives of millions of people each year. 90 percent of the death occurred due to natural disaster that takes place in the developing where poverty and lack of resources increase the suffering of people. 10 natural disasters that have made people homeless, children orphan and has taken the lives of millions in the year 2013 are:In 2012 Chad experienced the worst drought in its history. From 2010 about five regions of the country have been affected by drought. During this time the production of cereal reduced to 50 percent of the country’s production in the 2010s. To worsen the situation the neighboring countries cut the supply of food and the income on which the citizens of this region rely on. Almost 18 million citizens across Africa faced hunger as a result of this step. It was the poor governance of the concerning authorities and the low-quality infrastructure that increased the difficulties of the people affected by drought.It was due to the heavy rain and flood that about 100,000 people got displaced in Manila, Philippines. According to the report presented by the National Reduction and Management Council about 23,886 families and 100,994 people flee from their homes due to bad weather conditions. About 5,912 families and 26,828 people were living in 46 evacuation centers across the Philippines whereas 19,974 families and 74,166 people were staying with their friends or relatives. Properties worth 71 million were damaged as the result of this flood. Assistance worth 3.27 million was provided to the residents affected by the flood.The area of South Western China that killed hundreds of residents, destroying the houses of hundreds of people also forced people to migrate to a safer place. This earthquake affected a wide area including Yunnan. The magnitude of this earthquake as recorded by the China Earthquake Administration was 5.9 whereas the magnitude reported by the U.S. geological survey was 5.9.&nbsp.