Write 9 pages with APA style on Marketing Strategy of the Elijah & the Mix. ‘Elijah John and the Mix’ will obtain an ideal band image that is appropriate for touring and exploiting label contracts in the future. From this perspective, the mission statement is clear, precise, and attainable in the development or launching of the brand.In the outline plan, there are two critical objectives. In the first instance, the plan focuses on the development of a brand for the band ‘Elijah and the Mix’. Second, the plan concentrates on preparing, as well as presenting materials for the future management of the band. From a critical perspective, these objectives are directional and precise, which are essential characteristics of the realisation of the goals and targets at the end fiscal period. Similarly, the objectives are ideal for the determination of the core competencies, as well as keys to success in pursuit of sustainable growth and development within the market and industry of transactions. Nevertheless, the plan should have focused on the integration of various objectives relating to the identification and management of issues. That might affect the management of the band in the contemporary and future contexts. In addition, there should have been objectives for the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the band with the purpose of examining how the band can build on the strength while reducing or minimizing the weaknesses.In the first instance, the plan focuses on the creation of a website platform that will be one of the competencies of success in relation to the demands and expectations of the band, currently and in the future. In contemporary marketing, individuals tend to utilize online platforms in the process of researching products and companies prior to making actions to purchase. From this perspective, the integration of the website will provide the opportunity to enhance the visibility of the brand among the target audiences and consumers within the music industry.