Write 9 pages thesis on the topic cinema and sound: psycho. It is all about a lady by the name Marion Crane who happened to have stolen some money from her employer and escaped so that she would be able to marry the only man she wants in her life. She decides to stay in a motel, later on, she realized that she did a big mistake in staying in the motel because she finds its manager an inflexible psycho (Tookey 11).The title of the movie is all about total madness. Psycho is set in a theme whereby a person is trapped in a crime situation. Marion’s house is full of songbird pictures while the Normans office has a stuffed owl. The movie begins in thick sunlight we meet Marion Crane, a secretary with her lover Sam Loomis whom she is madly in love with. Marion is in the real estate office where she is hearing one of the clients brag on how he is going to purchase a safe house as a present for his daughter’s wedding. Marion is planning on how to escape with money so that she can marry her lover Sam. Marion is in a hotel with her lover whom she had divorced, Sam Loomis. He cannot marry Marion because he had not yet completed the alimony payments hence they are forced to meet secretly. She had already stolen the money from his employer worth forty thousand dollars.As Marion flees from Phoenix, going to Sams’s house, she meets police, Mort Mills, who tends to question her a lot and almost saw the envelope containing the stolen money from her employer. Later on, she moves in a car on a different number plate where she still sees the patrolman next to his car staring at her. She is very frightened and already regretting why she had stolen the money. She then moves to Fairvale but by bad luck, she is stopped by a rainstorm, because of this she goes to Bates Motel and begins her short conversation with Norman. Marion cares about Norman and immediately she gets Norman’s mother’s voice she tells him to leave the place. She cares much about Norman. At this point, Marion rethinks about her deeds, and due to this. Norman is touched, and he is plotting to kill her because she feels threatened.