This is a two part assignment please look at this assignment correctly and understand that it is two different assignments to this read this carefully. No plagisirism.Family Literacy Night Presentation [due Mon]Assignment ContentYour principal has asked your school literacy committee to plan a night for working parents to be immersed in literature.Preparefor this literacy night in 2 parts.Part 1Plana Family Literacy Night for your local elementary school. The plan should be no less than 350 words. Write this as a summary or outline.Addressthe following:What is the literature-based theme for the night? What will be offered for parents? Where will these activities be conducted? Who will lead the sessions? What is the time frame? Set a time frame that is working-parent friendly. Part 2Createa 4-panel pamphlet or brochure for the Family Literacy Night that includes graphics for visual appeal. This brochure will be sent home with children to encourage busy parents to attend your Family Literacy Night.Submit your assignment.