Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: BSkyB and ESPN Research. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The vital objective behind employing an effective system of performance measurement could be stated to enhance the performance and the productivity of a particular organisation. The application of such a system would aid the organisation to serve its respective employees, stakeholders, customers and owners in an increasingly better manner (Johnson, 2006). The implementation of an accurate system of performance measurement would help to bring out the information which would evidently indicate the health along with the future and the present position of a business. The system of measuring the performance of an organisation would provide with necessary and vital information regarding the ways of enhancing the prospects and minimising the challenges posed to an organisation. An appropriate system of performance measurement facilitates an organisation to plan, gauge and manage its overall business performance in accordance with an already set strategy. In other words, it can be stated that such a system would facilitate a specific business to attain the aspired results and would also enable the organisation to create shareholder worth (Johnson, 2006). The Balanced Scorecard The system of balanced scorecard (BSC) is considered to be the most broadly employed system of gauging the performance of an organisation in the present day context. This particular system entails the parameters of measuring the performance from few different aspects. These aspects include a customer perspective, learning as well as an innovative perspective, financial perspective and an internal perspective related to the business process (Johnson, 2006). With the aid of the employment of such different perspectives, this system takes into concern both kinds of performance measures that is leading as well as lagging. The consideration of both the kinds of performance measures aids in delivering and ascertaining an increasingly balanced perception with regard to the performance of the organisation. The leading indicators entail vital measures like customer contentment, timely delivery, development of fresh products and developing the capabilities of the employees. The conventional lagging indicators take into concern the financial measures like the factor of profitability and increase in the revenue. This system of balanced scorecard is considered to be beneficial and effective for organisations as it facilitates the organisations to bring into line each and every staff level towards a particular strategy for the purpose of carrying it out more successfully (Johnson, 2006). Suggested Balanced Scorecard Measures for BSkyB and ESPN Both the considered organisations i.e. BSkyB and ESPN need to implement the measures with regard to the balanced scorecard system which would aid the organisations to monitor their respective performances. The organisations would need to evidently state its mission statement. After this the strategic purposes in harmony with its mission statement needs to be recognised.