Need help with my writing homework on Diet Analysis Report. Write a 1000 word paper answering; I woke up around 11:30 a.m., left the house and spent the evening with friends at a sports bar watching football. This lasted until 4:25 p.m., after which I went home and watched the 8:15 p.m. football match. My food choices for Monday, October 29th were based on the fact that the day was my father’s birthday. Knowing that my mother was cooking a crunchy and voluminous family dinner, I had a light lunch. I ate light lunch from Panera bread restaurant that is near my home. My family and I ate the dinner that my mother cooked to celebrate my father’s birthday. On Tuesday, October 30th, my food choices were based on convenience. I grabbed the lightest meal for breakfast and same thing for lunch. As for dinner I eat the leftovers food from the birthday dinner. My inspiration to improve my diet is related to the fact that the well-being of my body is an integral component to securing a healthy future. I am perfectly aware that healthy eating prevents the presence of risky conditions such as kidney failure, clogged arteries, heart disease or even obesity. My calorie intake for the period was high, equaling to 1733 kcal, lower than the recommended amounts of 3200Kcal. The grain intake was below average i.e. 4.3 oz. eq. for the recommended amount of 6.0 oz. eq. The total amount of vegetables was 1.6 cup eq. for a recommended amount of 2.5 cup eq.