Need an research paper on the research particularities. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Literature Review. in the specific section, the academic studies published on the study’s issues are presented – usually categorized in accordance with their content. The role of the specific section of the report is to present the views of theorists and academic researchers in regard to the particular subject. most commonly, the value of the literature review of the section is depended on the following elements: b1) the relevance of the studies presented and b2) the date of publication of the studies – recent studies are generally preferred instead of old ones as they reflect the current conditions in regard to the study’s issues. In any case, academic studies are most appropriate for supporting an academic paper, c) Methodology. the methodology section is used for presenting the research methods employed in the study. The specific section is usually divided into sub-sections, as follows: participants/ sample, research tool, justification of the research methods. For example: when a survey is chosen as the research method of a particular study, then the Methodology section of the study is formulated as follows: c1) participants (characteristics, number), c2) questionnaire, c3) justification of the survey as the chosen research method, d) Analysis. the analysis section of a report includes the findings of the research developed for the specific report. in many cases, this section is combined with the Methods section of the report – in a section entitled as Research Methodology. the presentation and the analysis of data needs to follow certain rules – especially if complex methods of data analysis are involved, for instance, the regression analysis of data. It is also possible that this section is purely theoretical. for instance, if the research method is chosen is the case studies analysis.