Need an research paper on the impact of volunteer tourism on host communities. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. To be precise volunteer tourism implies to those tourists who, for some cases, volunteer systematically in spending their leisure of holidays with a motive to contribute with a helping hand in reducing the poverty level within the community (Callanan & Thomas, n.d., p. 198). It would be worth mentioning that volunteer tourism has turned out to be a “mass niche” market, which has been aided by the aspects of increased volunteer projects, promotion regarding destinations variety, target markets variations, tour operatives and privatized agencies along with increased competition in this sector (Guttentag, 2009, p. 540).Emphasizing the impacts caused by volunteer tourism trends on host communities, this thesis will aim at obtaining an unbiased view on the positive and negative influences caused by such initiatives in the contemporary scenario. Correspondingly, a generalized view will be considered when evaluating the impacts observed as caused by volunteer tourism on its host communities.One of the major and mostly debated positive impacts caused by volunteer tourism in their host communities is its uncourageous attitude towards welfare activities in poor communities, which not only helped enrich their resource flow but also widen their scope to adapt globalizing attitudes in an attempt to promote advances within. Volunteer tourism has provided a major contribution in undertaking welfare activities for poverty communities around the world and helping them to gain equality in the society (Raymond & Hall, 2008, p. 532). Apparently, few key positive impacts of volunteer tourism in the host communities are identifiable include achievements gained by the volunteers in the process of volunteering in poor communities that can be actually obtained through bringing development in these communities.