Need an research paper on developement of life span. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Consequently, the individual may not able to negotiate the developmental tasks as outlined in Erikson’s stages of development. This could lead to an emotional crisis which can impair his or her process of personal growth (Lerner 417). Therefore, the individual would fail to attain the competency needed to meet personally as well as societal expectations. Societal expectations are social demands that one is required to meet once he or she have attained a certain age of assuming responsibility. Lack of individual growth cause emotional crisis because the individual would not be able to adjust to the new demands placed upon him or her. Social, biological and psychological orientations are critical for personal growth and development. According to Erikson, human beings go through eight stages of development. The theory emphasizes the importance of the social environment in determining an individual’s personality. The first stage is trust versus mistrust stage that refers to the infancy stage of 0 to 1 years. At this stage, children learn to define their environment as either friendly or hostile based on the kind of experiences they have with their caregivers. The children should be provided with adequate food, comfort, warmth, and affection to promote children a positive attitude towards life. Failure to give children basic needs leads to children’s emotional and personality distortions. This is because children fail to forge trust in a lacking environment and go through life having suspicious mentalities. The second stage in his model is that of Autonomy versus Shame which takes place when a child is between ages 2 and 3 years. The importance of the social environment is evident through efforts that parents or caregivers put into enabling their child to assert their will and attempt minor challenges. Lack of encouragement makes children unable to respond to life’s challenges and societal expectations appropriately.&nbsp.