Module 1 (The Basic Principles of TEFL/TESOL)Task 1Choose the correct answer or answers in the following:1. Which approach does this course recommend?a)notionalb)grammar-translationc)communicatived)structural2. Which of the following is least important in your teaching?a)fluency in your student’s own languageb)planning lessonsc)knowing more about English grammar than your students dod)making your students relax3. Which of the following activities should all ESL teachers be able to use effectively?a)pair workb)translationC)role playd)eliciting students opinions4. Which of the following will keep the students interested?a)varying your activitiesb)using a listening activity in every lessonC)getting the students talkingd)involving the students5. Which of the following is correct?a)you should always mark with a red penb)you should always acknowledge effortC)you should correct all mistakesd)you should explain your correction code to your students6. Which of the following is most important in communicative language teaching?a)knowledge of the theory behind TEFL-TESOLb)students knowing the grammatical terminologyC)facilitating communicationd)knowledge of all grammar before you start teaching7. Which of the following is an essential requirement of the Communicative Approach to language teaching?a)knowing your students languageb)use of authentic EnglishC)knowledge of grammatical terminologyd)a good textbook8. Which of the following are advantages for one to one students?a)communication is authenticb)the student sets the paceC)the individual learning style is immateriald)materials can be tailor-made