I will pay for the following article The Major Crises and Disasters in the Tourism Industry. The work is to be 34 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It emerged that both crises and disasters, whether man-made or natural have adverse effects on the tourism industry.Tourism is one of the significant economic sectors across the globe. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), which is under the United Nations umbrella, international tourism has been increasing over the years and is likely to register a further increase in the future. In addition, countries have placed emphasis on the development of a strong domestic tourism sector. In the 21st century, the tourism industry has registered new trends because of the effect of globalization and technology. Both technology and globalization have served to increase the returns from the tourism industry in many countries. Globalization has led to increased connectivity across the globe irrespective of the distance. In addition, increasing globalization has led to a global cultural exchange, which translates to a positive impact on the tourism industry (Ahmed, Nawaz, & Qazi 2011, p. 250). Without a doubt, the significance of the tourism industry in many countries cannot be overemphasized. However, recent years have registered an increased risk of either crises or disasters.Globalization has had complex effects on many industries. Specifically, globalization has posed global risks in the international tourism industry. The tourism industry registered a high level of fragility and vulnerability. For this reason, crises and disasters such as wars, terrorism attacks, political instabilities, currency instabilities, as well as the emergence of contagious diseases can shutter e industry in a devastating manner. As mentioned above, different parts of the globe have experienced some of these crises and disasters in the recent past. Many scholars have sought to gain an in-depth understanding of the effects of the reported crises and disasters on the tourism industry.&nbsp.