I need some assistance with these assignment. success of organisations through total quality management and operational management control Thank you in advance for the help! Although a generalization is made based on the evidence gathered if, even a single logic is proved wrong the whole generalization is considered inappropriate. These generalizations are made only if after the data is organized. Our research methodology is based on this strategy and the answers to the questions are generalized to make conclusions about the company strategy.Questionnaires reduce bias. There is a uniform question presentation and no middle-man bias. The researcher’s own opinions will not influence the respondent to answer questions in a certain manner. There are no verbal or visual clues to influence the respondent.Questionnaires are less intrusive than telephone or face-to-face surveys. When a respondent receives a questionnaire in the mail, he is free to complete the questionnaire on his own time-table. Unlike other research methods, the respondent is not interrupted by the research instrumentThe questionnaires give more objectives and standardized responses than the interviews as a particular defined pattern is specified. Questionnaires are the quickest way to collect information, however, they take a relatively long time not only to design but also to apply and analyze.The main advantage of the questionnaire over other research techniques is that more information can be collected in a short span of time from a large portion of a group. Although returns from questionnaires are usually low these return rates can be dramatically improved if the questionnaire is delivered to specific targeted groups and is responded in time.Open-ended questions are targeted to get obscure information from a person and the analysis on the questionnaire is done on the basis of the answer to the questionnaire. Whereas closed-ended questions are targeted questions in which particular information is asked by the person and a pre-analyzed answer sheet is usually maintained, based upon which results are formulated.