I need some assistance with these assignment. pr Thank you in advance for the help! The non-profit generating aspect implies that such organizations do not make profit or gain financial benefit from their operations. The structures of such organization are simple enough to include only the donor and the benefactors. Such organizations therefore act as the link between the willing donors and the needy members of the society (Grunig, 1992). The key mandates of such organizations are to identify the sector of the society that requires aid, fairly identify their beneficiaries without bias and to solicit funding to run the projects they seek to operate in. charity organizations survive mainly on donations from well wishers, this therefore implies that the organizations must uphold credible reputation in the society. The reputation built by such organizations must border on credibility and effective financial management and transparency. Exploratory studies simply espouses on the structure of the organization as it is and further tries to analyze how both internal and external factors affect the organizations service delivery. In collecting data, the research uses a number of data collection methods key among which include the use of questionnaire. Questionnaires are lists of structured questions answered by the respondents and later analyzed by the researcher. Questionnaires are more advantageous in this study since they are convenient. Most of the respondents in the study are employees of the firm and are therefore busy in most of the occasions, they thus can never afford time, the researcher therefore simply mails theme the questionnaires, which they answer at their convenience and mail back the completed questionnaires to the researcher for further analysis (Clow & Baack, 2010). Additionally, the research employed the use of interview as a means of data collection. This was largely used on the available respondents. Interviews unlike the questionnaires are more comprehensive. The researcher through the follow up questions asks for clarifications, which constitute a greater source of information. Furthermore gives the interviewee an opportunity to observe the body language of a respondent, the body movements are never concrete source of information as one would be compelled to allude to the possible conclusion but such are of essence in this study especially being an exploratory research. The body language is further analyzed and from them the interviewer asks the follow up questions. Observations are an additional method of data collection that the research intensively employs. The structure and the operations of the organization form a great part of the research process. An integral observation of the daily operations of the organization and the effects of both the internal and external factors are keenly observed to help come up with the conclusion part of the research. Observations gets subjective at times but with the complement of the other methods of data collection, the shortfalls of any one data collection method are overcome and the research ends up with an exhaustive data that if effectively analyzed gives the internal operations and the role of public relations in charity organization (Guild & Saxton, 2011). Result analysis The research findings were varied, government emerged as the greatest source of funding for Sight Savers with an annual allocation of three million pounds.