I need help creating a thesis and an outline on A Sunday on the Grande-Jatte by George Seurat. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A Sunday on the Grande-Jatte (1884) by Georges Seurat is a bright example of such an artistic power. Actually, it illustrates the way people in Paris were spending their free time on the weekends, demonstrates peculiarities of French fashion, and shows the level of previous industrial development in Europe. In addition, a specific ambiance of this painting which can be described as a combination of warmth and silver shade is easily felt even by looking at this artwork nowadays. And so, these features together convince contemporary spectators that they are referring to the masterpiece of art. Hence, this complicated artwork is worth for the detailed description and analysis of its elements. And so, in a given essay the specific manner George Seurat was applying for his painting A Sunday on the Grande-Jatte is analyzed by paying attention to the details, to the whole composition, and to the brushwork that is visible on the artwork.To start with, an extraordinary combination of light and color is evident by looking at each of the postures on the canvas separately. Actually, the slight look to the details convinces the people who view them that they are presented as simplistically as possible. Nevertheless, all the parts of this artwork are not following the strict scenario of imaging. For instance, the central couple on the image is shown in an extravagant manner. In particular, the silhouette of the woman is hyperbolized by being convex and lush. In addition, such an unrealistic creature is accompanied by a monkey and her partner who is a smoking cigar. All these elements are colored in dark clothes and are put in a shade of the park. In general, this element of the painting is rather a caricature than an attempt to create an image of a lovely Parisian crowd. But, referring to other figures on the canvas impresses spectators in a completely different way.