Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The effects of ageing on Alzheimer’s Disease. It needs to be at least 3250 words. Cell proliferation is inhibited by cellular senescence which maybe triggered by various factors. There is not enough evidence to pinpoint just a single cause for ageing and so far it is assumed that the process of ageing is initiated by different factors.The most widely known factor is that of oxidative damage. According to the oxidative damage theory, the body’s own metabolism is the most important contributor of the ageing process. The mitochondria takes up oxygen and 2-3% of the oxygen it takes up is reduced to reactive oxygen species such as superoxide, hydroxyl and hydrogen peroxide ions. These reactive oxygen species damage cell membrane structure, nucleic acids and proteins.Another important theory is that of damage to the mitochondrial genome in a an individual. It has been seen that the mitochondrial genome mutates at a much faster rate than the nuclear DNA and these erratic mutations have been linked to apoptosis or production of Reactive oxygen species. With age mutations in mitochondrial cells increases and leads to several problems because fo the higher replication frequency of the mutants (Michikawa et al,1999).Wear and tear theory is the oldest one used to account for loss of normal functioning of cells. With increases in age the body’s small problem tend to build up. Wear and tear associated with genetic instability has been studies in-depth. Mutations would increases in number without any repair and enzymes produced would be faulty as well. When our cells become faulty they are repaired by the DNA repair mechanism and therefore it is obvious that a cell whose DNA repair enzymes are in working condition lives longer (Hart & Setlow, 1974).However, the most important and relevant factor to the process of ageing are genetic processes. The most important example of this is Progeria, where genetic mutations rapidly enhance the rate of ageing in an individual.