Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the mead findings. Further, the Mead study correctly focuses on the sea-faring Samoan people. Living in a seashore environment, the Samoan people learn to adapt to the fishing environment by mastering the art of catching fish and other marine products. The sea environment makes people adapt to eating fish to survive. The Mead research perfectly includes observing how the people lived in South_Pacific Island (Mead 14). Mead’s research focuses on the Samoan fishing economic system. The same Mead research correctly affirmed the repetitive Samoan community rituals included training the residents in the fishing craft. The Samoan research indicated the peaceful seashore environment makes the people prefer engaging in religious activities, television, malls, and movie theatres being absent from the Samoan environment. Similarly, the Mead research findings the slow-paced Samoan Island life include the Samoan wives adapting to the unique Samoan primitive culture of serving the home needs of the family, a Samoan home ritual.Furthermore, the Mead ethnography research rightfully complies with the bias and fraud preventing anthropology code_of ethics_provisions. Mead rightfully uses different procedures and statistical tools during the unique anthropology research process, including using interviews and observations to gather data.There are several themes of the Mead ethnography anthropology research (Mead 9). The Samoan research themes of the Mead research help the researchers gather, understand, and explain the benefits of accepting the unique beliefs, value priorities, behavioral uniqueness, as well as diverse means of communication of the strange community of the new research group. One of the Mead research themes is the child’s culture and upbringing are grounded on the community’s rituals. The rituals include Samoan’s people’s preference for fishing activities.Further, one of the Mead anthropology themes is the environment.