Compose a 750 words assignment on hp3c: health program evaluation of after school programs. Needs to be plagiarism free! Evaluation should be regularly performed to ensure that the program maintains the quality standards expected of it (NAEYC and NAECS/SDE, 2003). Formative evaluation Formative evaluation asks whether the program is relevant, its goals are clearly stated, and there are improvements in its design. However, this type of evaluation is usually done before the implementation of a program, and so will not be included in this particular evaluation (Metcalfe, Aitken &amp. Gaff, 2008). Process evaluation On the other hand, process evaluation looks into how the program is being implemented and operated. Taking the after-school program as an example, the questions for this evaluation can be ‘Is the after-school program being implemented as planned?’, ‘Are the goals being modified in the process of implementation?’, ‘Is the program reaching the latchkey students?’ (Metcalfe, Aitken &amp. Gaff, 2008). To get the answers to these questions, the facilitators of the program can be asked using a questionnaire. A Likert scale of agreement will be used to quantify their responses. The number of enrollees and the program’s attendance can be also looked into to determine whether the program is reaching the target subjects (Metcalfe, Aitken &amp. Gaff, 2008).