Compose a 750 words assignment on digital media strategy and implementation. Needs to be plagiarism free! Digital companies focus on being the first to provide news to the people. Their content is different, from business related to political, entertainment and financial. they seek to find the best areas where they can capture the most customers. Speed of browsing and the user friendliness of the sites is a strategy issue too. Of equal importance however, is the provision of the content in mobile phone devices for various customers, enabling people to access them from their mobile browsers. The digital media has engaged itself in a number of issues. Most particularly however, are the businesses and the issues that the business community is facing currently. Focusing on the issues facing Sony and Netflix companies, this paper seeks to address their challenges as highlighted by the blogs. Additionally, it will focus on measures that have been put into place to address the same issues. In the recent past, Sony has made headlines after the announcement of the lunch of the PlayStation 4 game with increased features that will allow online streaming of games. Following this announcement, a series of bulletins have been published focusing on Sony as a company and the PlayStation 4 game as a product.