Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Main Types of Health Scares That Can Affect Businesses in the Hospitality. The greatest of all the concerns in moving to some foreign land for the sake of leisure is that of health. There must be no compromise on health and everyone knows that. There is nothing wrong with evaluating the health conditions of an area before moving out. However, this does not mean that due to numerous unknown pathogens out in the environment, one should restrict oneself indoors, and overlook the innate desire to learn more about life. In the recent times, though there has been an increase in the tourists, the tourist of today is more cautious, rather confused in deciding whether to go out or not (Phakdisoth and Kim, 2007). There are several strings attached to planning a tour, it includes finance, time, personal likings, and health. All these factors are imperative to planning, one must be aware of his pocket-size, he must know how much time he can afford to spend, what are his likings, and does his health offer him the margin to take on the adventure.The tourism industry may not be the most rapidly expanding field, but it still holds the potential to generate loads of revenue. In some parts of the world tourism industry is the major contributor towards annual GDP. Therefore, such countries get to share a great deal of developmental budget for improving recreational facilities, but those countries which are poor, and lack resources do not invest much elevating the standards of tourism (Phakdisoth and Kim, 2007). The lack of investment in this sector has resulted in several health-associated matters, for instance, poor hygiene, improper sanitation, and absence sewage system. as a result of which tourists avoid visiting such places that do not offer them safety and security. In the following text issues related to human health, and fears associated with tourism will be discussed briefly.Climate is a natural determinant that modifies the lifestyle of the people living in a particular region.