Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Different Ideas of Picasso and Matisse. The two painters were known to be rivals, as well. In 1907, Picasso’s Les Demoiselles DíAvignon was a “visual attack” to Matisse’s Le Bonheur de Vivre ( But this ignited the ingenuity of Matisse. This adversarial obstacle also strengthens the two to incorporate “those visual memories in their own art” ( one explores the ideas between Picasso’s and Matisse’s artworks, one can discover this by looking at the difference between the more allegorical works of Picasso and the still-life works of Matisse.Any observer figures out that Picasso has delved on social and political matters which eventually made him a public figure through his artworks. It is very clear that his ideas are the prevalent and occurring issues–such as poverty, fascism, war, and agony–of the time during his development of the art pieces. Picasso’s works are more than mere artistic pieces. The pieces could qualify as subjects for studying the past during World War I and 20th century Europe.On the other hand, the works of Matisse has delved more on aesthetics and nature. His emotion and perception, to some extent, had deviated from the universal theme of art. He defied convention and has able to make his own eventually earning him the acclamations for his movement of Modernism along with Fauvism. It can be derived that Matisse is a bit apolitical in his approach to society. He would wish not to intervene in the affairs of the government and of the state. This distinctly distinguished him from Picasso.Similarly, the two stoke the same chord towards one another. Their ideas complemented their artworks with an emphasis on balance and colour. The two had adroitly rendered life and colour to their works. With this, one can assume that they hold the same idea in the same personal level. Whatever could be their emotions as of the moment are embellished into their artworks.&nbsp.