Complete 15 pages APA formatted article: Circuit Protection and Polyphase Motors. These techniques result in a high arc voltage to control over current and voltage during a fault in operation. Types of Air Blast Circuit Breakers: The Air blast circuit breakers can be divided into the following three types: (a). Axial Blast ABCB (b). Axial Blast ABCB with Side Moving Contact (c). Cross Blast ABCB Construction: (a). Axial Blast ABCB The axial blast air ABCB consists of two contacts. one is fixed and the other is movable. The fixed contact has an arcing chamber with a spring loading mechanism, and a nozzle orifice over which the movable contact rests under the normal closed condition. In case a fault arises, a high Figure 1.Axial Blast ABCB ( air pressure in the arcing chamber causes the spring to deform. This produces an effect of lengthening and cooling of the air column in the chamber which pushes out the movable contact. As a result of these changes an arc voltage is produced which is much higher than the system voltage. The disparity in voltage levels results in the quenching of the arc produced. (b). Axial Blast ABCB with side moving contact: Figure 2.