Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on users as innovators in the context of sustainable entrepreneurship. World economies currently process global natural resources then generate waste streams in a manner that commands the redesign of entrepreneurial and innovative activities. Pushed by this need, some entrepreneurs and business entities have tried reconfiguring the way they conduct business or implement business practices that aid in the preservation of global natural resources. Often times, their move is informed by the desire to enhance the social, economic and environmental health of both the current and the future generations. It is on this ground that different world economies like Poland, London, and Germany begun treating sustainability as through innovation and entrepreneurship as an issue that needs national attention. Though this state looks promising in the face of global development, many entrepreneurs and business entities have remained blind to the sustainable development goals that are unique to their individual economies. Murgatroyd (2010) posits that sustainable development needs a deeper comprehension of the sophistication of the global system coupled with creative problem-solving skills aimed at finding solutions to sustainability-related problems. To actualize this, he recommends that economies should reconcile their economic activities with their sustainability goals. Muñoz (2013) describes successful sustainable entrepreneurs and innovators as those that use sustainability-related values like respect for nature, tolerance, and equality among others to define their goals, restructure their attitude in addition to offering benchmarks for use in judging their entrepreneurial behaviors. The aforementioned qualities just hint that this new approach to entrepreneurship features is more sophisticated than the conventional counterpart. That notwithstanding, there remains a general lack of understanding of how entrepreneurial and innovative activities actually lead to sustainable development and how the concept of entrepreneurial and innovative sustainability is appreciated all through the globe.