Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on neo-medievalism. The individualistic cultures are the ones who got the real meaning of the philosophy. Additionally, the governmental systems are guided in order to serve the citizens’ needs above all else. The notion of greater good should always be served by sacrificing the needs of the few in order to fulfill those of the majority.Human society has been under continuous evolution. From the time of ancient slavery to the modern time of child labor, the deprived class has always been the sufferer. However, with the passage of time, the common individuals have developed their own ‘commons’ that are meant to serve the purpose of safeguarding the rights of the common individuals of society. Societies that have evolved to focus on the needs of individuals are the ones that are leading the others in the process. Although this is beneficial to the common individuals of the society, the notion due to its very nature alters the power distribution between the powerful few and the weaker many of the society. This is a dramatic change in the currently prevailing social system of the world. The reason for this is the fact that the development of commons sets free the needy class of the society from the undue influence of the powerful class of the society. This challenge for the ruling class is oftentimes not acceptable by this class. To overcome such attempts that are directed towards attaining freedom from the influence of leading class, the powerful class makes use of laws and law-enforcement agencies which are essentially the tools for manipulating the lower classes of the society.Neo-medievalism promoted newer concepts that were not in accordance with the already established norms of the societies of the world. The arts before the incorporation of medievalist values allowed the filmmakers to promote humanistic concerns in the field of showbiz. The arts prior to modernism were used to promote the supremacy of rulers on other races. The artworks were not permitted to flourish in the era before modernism. The modernist approach gave humanity the message of love. The dedication towards modern philosophy is taken and treated as a guarantee to achieve economic growth because the nations will transform into efficient social machines whereas, the level of conflict will decline and then, they will work in a collective setting in order to achieve growth in all fields such as arts, science, and economics. Since the rights of the common individuals have become the central theme of any society. the development of “commons” that are owned by the common people of the society are becoming a norm.