Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on international hospitality. International Hospitality ID Lecturer The international hospitality job or career that I would opt for myself would be based on the premise of being a travel guide around the world since I absolutely cherish the idea of exploring the world’s different domains and regions. I believe I would be in the best possible position within this career if I am given a chance to discern what I can learn on my own when I find out information and details related with the world’s different cities, areas and urban landscapes. My job would comprise of world trips to different areas and locations where I would prepare a list of dos and don’ts so that the travelers to such lands would know beforehand of how things shape up within such regions (Brown 2002). I would document each and every detail within my travel guide which would be published in a magazine on a monthly basis. I am of the view that my career job would be more based on the positives of an area rather than the down sides. The aspect of being a travel guide would help me understand the psyche of the people around me, as well as the food and culture of the land, the different activities and tangents that I can delve upon in detail. My career job would comprise of visiting new places and getting to meet people with whom I have little knowledge about. This would assist me in building long term associations and relationships as well as facilitate me in my understanding towards that region in particular. My career job would therefore assist me a great deal at finding out the natural beauty spots within a region as well as highlight the different nuances of the world locations as and when these arise. I would gain a good amount of details regarding the location at hand and thus fulfill my desire to explore new areas and regions of the world which I have never been able to visit in the past. My career job would be an exciting proposition which would not make me feel tired since I direly cherish the idea of visiting new places which have exotic locations and spellbinding destinations, all in one. These locations would make me write about their natural beauty and thus my travel guide would be complete within a short span of time. Since I also love to pen down my thoughts through different blogs and in writing through pen, I would be feeling glad with the job at hand. I believe that I will do justice with the job since I would know beforehand if I am going wrong somewhere and thus correct myself when the going gets tough. More than anything, my career job would offer me a chance to take my family along with me as and when I need. It would put me in a good stead with how my family is able to get acquainted with the different nuances of these lands, and assist me in providing them a chance to visit new destinations. I would be lucky to tell them of my past journeys as well as make sure that the readers get to know about a lot of expeditions that I have had through the travel guide when it gets published within the magazine on a monthly basis (Books 2000). I am hopeful that if I get my career job I would concentrate wholly and solely upon it and would not like to have a switch for the rest of my life time. This is one job that shall not have any retirement as long as I am alive, as it will make me stand up from my rest whenever I come to know that I have a new place to visit and write a piece upon. If I am able to acquire my career job, I would indeed be the most fortunate person on the face of this earth. I would get to learn so many new things and that too in a quick manner. In the end, I would like to state here that my career job would be one in a million, as I would gain immensely out of its existence. I would be happy if I am able to grab the opportunity with both hands. All said and done, my career job is something that I look forward to having within my domains, the sooner the better, as it would help me fulfill my dreams and career aspirations in the shortest possible time. References Books, V (2000). Resumes for Mid-Career Job Changes. VGM Career Horizons Brown, D (2002). Career Choice and Development.