Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on class, race and gender. These experiences are used as the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of sociological theories, such as conflict theory and functionalism when interpreting the responses of individuals or societies towards specific social problems. It seems that workplace is an area where the skills of employees are likely to be revealed – referring not just to the ability to respond to the demands of a particular position but also the ability to negotiate with the employer the increase of the employees’ rights – following the practices already established in firms of similar characteristics globally.My personal experiences in the workplace can lead to the assumption that inequalities among people on the basis of their gender and age still exist even if employers often take measures for the elimination of such phenomena. Being white may be perceived as an advantage in regard to work. however, there are two other elements, which can strongly influence the prospects of employees in modern organizations: age and gender. Being female is often a burden in work limiting the chances for promotion. Also, being over 40 is another disadvantage for employees – no matter the gender of the employee involved. Personally, I have understood that my gender and my age are burdens towards my professional development. The use of the conflict theory and functionalism for evaluating my personal experiences in the workplace is considered as an appropriate method for emphasizing on problems, which are likely to be common among a high percentage of employees worldwide.I have been working in the same firm for about 12 years. My compensation has been kept at stable levels since my entrance to the organization. It was about 5 years ago that I asked the HR manager to re-consider the level of my compensation. He replied that I might have the right to ask for an increase in compensation but the current financial status of the organization does not allow such initiatives.