You will prepare and submit a term paper on The He She and It. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The programming of Yod has successfully been completed by Malkah (Shira’s grandmother). As she continues to work on the socialization of Yod, she started feeling affection for Gadi. However, Gadi (Shira’s childhood lover) moves to Tikva and that leaves some emotional wants unresolved. Gadi moving to Tikva is because he has been banished for being a pedophile.Malkah is attacked by Y-S as she operates on the security software (chimera). The Chimaera is to protect the city from online attack. Shira is again invited to a new hearing on her sons’ custody. On her way to the hearing, Shira is accompanied by Riva (her mother), Yod and Nili (a woman who is biotechnologically enhanced from a nuclear-devastated Palestine). However, Riva and Y-S delegation are lost in the fight. In the process, Malkah, Shira and Yod decide to penetrate the network base of the Y-S in which they obtained the document revealing a plot against Tikva and Shira.Shira then travels to Nebraska to kidnap Ari and in the process Yod kills Josh. They then went back to Tikva where they are invited in the net by Y-S for further meetings. In the meeting, Y-S needed to obtain its technology and that meant Yod was to be handed over to Y-S. Avram accepts the deal with the intention of creating another cyborg, but Yod destroys itself and in the process of killing Avram. The death of Avram makes it impossible for another cyborg to be created as all the notes were also destroyed (Haney et al, p.149).In the early days, women had to play the role of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the family. While on the other hand, men had to provide shelter, clothing, food, protect&nbsp.the family from any danger and pay the bills that needed to be paid. Men were also to protect the whole community from external danger. This was mainly during the war as they were the only once in the forces.&nbsp.