You will prepare and submit a term paper on Foster Youth- For Educational Counseling Program. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Any person between the ages of 11-18 is considered a youth and a teenager. Therefore, foster youths aged 12-17 are teenagers who live with guardians and caretakers. This group is a hard group to deal with and often cause a lot of problem for their foster parents. Not only do children in this age group cause problem to their guardians but even parents who live with their teenage children report the same problems. However, the case is even worse off for foster care children as they feel different from other children (Mech, Clark & Child Welfare League of America, 2003). Normally, foster children aged 12-17 stick with other children from foster care as they feel they understand each other better. Moreover, they tend to have trust with other foster children and socialize with them more as compared to normal teenagers. Since foster youth are often lone children the other foster children are like family to them. This trait seems to make foster youth secretive, rebellious, introverts and moody. In turn, foster youth always have depression, stress, and self-esteem issues and cannot socialize well with other kids as they feel unwanted or unloved by their parents. The community does not look down upon this population instead they look out for them. There are many things that communities have done and are still doing to assist foster youth. Being teenagers, the community knows that they are vulnerable to vices like drugs, violence and sexual abuse and as such has come up with strategies to curb these vices (Clauss-Ehlers, 2004). First, the community has volunteered to take in children with issues that make them parentless for example death of both parents, parents who are in jail or children whose parents abuse them physically, verbally, emotionally or even sexually.