Write a 6 pages paper on the film psycho (directed by alfred hitchcock, 1960). Mark Lewis comes across a prostitute and starts to film her with a camera he has hidden into his coat. Mark follows the prostitute to her residence and kills her. Later Mark goes back to his house and gladly watches the film of how he murdered the woman. Meanwhile, Mark is also a member of a film crew. Deep inside he has thought of how he would make it to a filmmaker. He is a part-time photographer of women who are into soft porn as pin-up pictures. Mark is an anti-social person (Powell). He lives in his dead father’s house. Mark is fascinated by his neighbors downstairs. Most of all he is fascinated by Helen. Helen is a young woman who has been sweetly natured and she pity’s Marks. Out of this pity, she befriends Marks.The police officers follow Mark closely to a building where he does his photography. This time he is to take photos of pin-up model Milly and he kills her then returns home. Helen runs Mark’s films out of curiosity and Mark catches her in the process. She is dead frightened and Mark tells her that he does that to capture the fear of his victims. The police arrive and corner him. Realizing this, he kills himself the way he killed his victims on the camera. This last scene provides the final part of his documentary. Aspects of the two movies 1. Historical background of the movies The film PSYCHO is an American horror film acted in 1960. The film is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Joseph Stephano screen-played the movie based on the 1959 novel Psycho which Robert Bloch wrote (Hitchcock). Robert Bloch was inspired by the crimes of Wisconsin murderer and Ed Gein, a grave robber. Wisconsin and Ed Gein lived about forty miles from Robert Bloch. The film PEEPING TOM is a British thriller film acted in 1960. The film is directed by Michael Powell. The movie was written by Leo Marks. Leo Marks was a world-war 2 cryptographer and polymath. 2. Comparison of the directors Both directors have a passion for writing films which entrails psychological thrillers and suspense. However, we see that Hitchcock’s Psycho film elevated his career as he was nominated for numerous awards for directing it. Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom was a subject of critics, which at one point maimed his career as a director. 3. The principles of film form PSYCHO is a horror-slashed film.