Write a 4 pages paper on martin luther and reformation, frederick the great, anti-semitism. In an effort to enhance reformation, Martin put great emphasis on the unity of the African-American through participating in movements that are present which will assist in overlooking African-American necessity that was waiting to be buried. The work and life events of Martin Luther were stressed exclusively making the history taught in schools expressed in different ways. Martin was an inspirational speaker, and he travelled to several parts of the country motivating people to live a life full of racial harmony. Martin had an idealistic mind and this was seen in his speeches that were idealistically rational and positive regarding his views on different things. One key event in Martin Luther’s life is when he talked about a vision he had where he sees his children live a life where they live without being judged on the basis of race but by the character they display. Martin’s philosophies believed in having equality through hard work, non-violence with the whites, and strong leadership. He went on to urge the Blacks to try and earn their rightful place as being equal to the whites through having self-respect and moral standards that are of high value. Frederick the Great Frederick was a Prussian king in the 18th century and one of his famous accomplishments was the elevation of Prussia from a smaller power on an equal footing with other states such as Bohemia and Saxony making them great states with a lot of power and politics, the state joined with others which include France, Russia, Austria, among Poland and Britain. Prussia later became a leading faction in the 1870s when the unification of Germany took place. Fredrick was a notable general who was famous for various victories against other forces such as the war that took place during the War of Austrian Succession that took place in the 1740s and in 1760s when the seven years of war took place.&nbsp.