Write 6 pages with APA style on Racial Imagery and the Use of Language. The scene shows the breakdown of Othello’s noble nature into a more base form and reinforces the differences of the race between Othello and Desdemona, showing Desdemona as a pure and innocent character, while Othello appears dark and almost demonic. This imagery reinforces the concepts of race that were introduced earlier in the play.The dialogue that occurs in this passage of text consists of a back and forth between Desdemona and Othello beginning at line 36, where Othello dismisses Emilia and is alone with Desdemona 105 where he calls Emilia back into the room, immediately after referring to Desdemona as “…that cunning whore of Venice. That married with Othello (Act 4.2, lines 103-104. Throughout the scene, Othello is accusing Desdemona of being unfaithful, while a confused and frightened Desdemona protests her innocence. Prior to this scene, Iago has spent a significant amount of time vividly describing Desdemona’s supposed infidelity to him and manipulating Othello to the extent that he becomes convinced that Desdemona is involved romantically with Cassio. This passage is highly significant, as at this point Othello is already convinced of Desdemona’s guilt, even though he has seen no direct evidence, and has already determined that he will kill her for her betrayal. This scene is the first indication that Desdemona has of her husband’s suspicions, and she has no indication of what drove these opinions. Indeed, even after Othello begins to accuse and berate her, she continues to have no idea about what he thinks she has done, “I understand a fury in your words. But not the words” (Act 4.2, lines 37-38). Consequently, this is an important scene in the play and indicates the way that the characters will progress emotionally and in action.