Write 6 pages with APA style on Art of the European Culture. This paper will analyze one particular object that belongs to the European culture an ivory plaque.Thus, the main work of art which this paper is dedicated to does not have a title. It is a plaque which is made of ivory and has a rectangular shape. On this plaque there a religious scene carved: the death of Mary the Holy Virgin which is traditionally referred to as Koimesis – the Greek word for sleeping. As for the geographic region that the work of art belongs to, one might suggest that it is rather exemplary for Byzantine art. Indeed, the Byzantine Empire was a powerful state that was located on the territory of contemporary Turkey and was largely considered to be the centre of East Orthodox Christianity. It would not be a mistake to point out that after the division of the Roman Empire, two different parts of it, namely the East and the West, adopted the Christian faith, but due to numerous peculiarities of the local culture the gradually started to grow apart. Thus, in the course of the first ten centuries, the two opposite cultural environments were able to overlook the differences and practice similar spiritual tradition, but the very beginning of the eleventh century is marked with a schism – the division between the churches. The plaque in question represents one of the last traits of the art which united both parts of the Christian world. That is why there is no wonder in the fact the work in question is rather remarkable as well as a significant piece of art. In addition to that, since it belongs to the cultural background of the Byzantine empire, the plaque is focused on religious themes.As it was mentioned before, the plaque has a rectangular shape. The front of it depicts the iconographic interpretation of the Biblical events. Thus, the focus of the plaque is placed on Mary the Holy Virgin who has closed her eyes and is resting on the bed.&nbsp.