Write 4 pages thesis on the topic canadian identity. The immigration of people from all over the world and their adoption of an essentially Canadian way of life have led to a situation where the people of this country have been united. This union has come about mainly because the increasing number of immigrants has been able to counter the some of the negative effects brought about by the British- and French-speaking populations. Immigrant communities have been able to bring about diversity in the political, social and economic life of Canada. These individuals have, in addition, been able to adapt to life in Canada so effectively that they have become a basic part of life in the country. They have further been able to promote a strong Canadian identity, especially in the second and third generations after the original immigrants, that they have not only transcended the political and social conflicts previously experienced, but have also been instrumental in the creation of a strong Canadian identity that has allowed the nation to continue thriving. In conclusion, the discussion above has attempted to show that Canadian identity has come about as a result of its multicultural nature, the identification of a common destiny by its people, and immigration which has become a basic part of the country’s policies. Among the most significant aspects of these has been its multiculturalism which has allowed for the creation of a diverse nation. Through the development of a strong national identity, these cultures have been brought together in such a way that they have fostered unity.