Write 10 pages with APA style on Die Hard Film Genre. Readers appreciate the concept of genre because of its encouraging and familiar potential of repetition and variation. The notion of type is essential in arousing the anticipations of an audience and how they perceive, judge, and selects texts (Cettl, 2009 pp.67). In order for a successful Action film, the expectations of the readers ought to be fulfilled to enable the listeners to be fascinated and interested. Action is the most appropriate genre that I have chosen with respect to the Die Hard film of 1988. The entire movie is an action movie.A genre is a response to the questions, desires, wishes, anticipations, and fantasies of the audiences. Genre from a mass media standpoint is a tool for aiding and mass media to produce consistently and efficiently as well as relate its production to the anticipations of audiences. The theory of genre is the description of films. it is a system used for shortening literary forms. It can also be said to be an apparatus that enable the audiences from an individual capacity to plan&nbsp.the choices to make with respect to the films (McQuail, 1987 pp. 200). Genres allow the creation and the sustenance of a loyal audience that gets used to seeing programs within a given type. Similarly, the genre is a means of controlling the demand of the audience. The relative constancy of genres empowers the producers to foresee the anticipations of the audience.There are two key categories of genres namely. fiction that regards events, things, and characters that are not true and non-fiction that involves events and objects that are based on facts. Audiences become aware of what to expect from the movies because of the genres involved. Type theory is used in the evaluation of films in order to allow the classification of films. Genres rely on numerous aspects such as storyline, the expectations of the audience as well as who the director is.Action film characters are apparently black and white.&nbsp.There are many aspects that make an action film appropriate to the genre. Leading is the action.