Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Religion As Belief And Religion As Fact. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I mean that I should not use hatred and antagonism to define. My prior understanding about this museum in subject altered during my encounter in that I realized that religion and culture is merely devotion in greater being or thing and in something beyond us in such a way that we cannot explain or control. These artifacts from the Middle East, Africa, and West Virginia under analysis are not fictions but facts and I must have been very wrong about the particular museum I visited. I do not believe misconceptions about other people’s religion or culture are common because they are not assertions only that they sometimes go unnoticed by students and those talking about them and who see artifact collection as dupe that is fantastic and propagated by individuals who depict wicked liars and in the urge of tricking people out their money. I can recommend a step that people could take to minimize misconceptions people have about religions and cultures not their own by visiting the metropolitan museum for an artifact or the preferred regions analysis.In this paper, there is a presentation of preliminary results of artifact analysis at a metropolitan museum of art from three different regions mainly Africa, Middle East, and West Virginia. There is a similarity between three artifacts from these regions where the three artifacts are similar and bear the same name “The bust of Lucius Verus” which reveals an intricately carved piece of marble representing Lucius Verus, one of the renowned em e emperors of ancient Rome despite being second in command. The reason this artifact is similar in these regions is that the regions practice similar religion and almost share the same religion cultural belief.