pay MyOdu |Activity 5 xG Predict th x M Inbox (1, x |Content xG Elimination x G Predict ti x G Predict t x C Get Hom x ( Predict ti x +-> C e ORGANIC CHEMISTRY | LECTURECHEM 211 Student LinksMastering Course HomeXModule 10 HW AssignmentElimination of a Benzyl Halide under a Strong Base< 26 of 28an Review | Constants | Periodic TablePart APredict the product and propose a mechanism when (S)-(1-chloropropyl)benzene reacts with sodium ethoxide and added heat.Draw all missing reactants and/or products in the appropriate boxes by placing atoms on the canvas and connecting them with bonds. Add charges where needed. Electron-flow arrows shouldstart on an atom or a bond and should end on an atom, bond, or location where a new bond should be created.LYH.CH3Na–CH39:48 PMType here to searchOemma NgW94/26/2020